Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain


This show has now closed.

Have you ever wondered why the Romans never won MasterChef? Would you lose your heart or head to horrible Henry? Will Parliament escape gunpowder Guy? Enrol yourself at Georgian Crime School, dare to dance the Tyburn jig and find out what a baby farmer did!

Set in loathsome London, the BSC proudly present the world premiere of Barmy Britain.

Don't miss this history of Britain with the nasty bits left in!

Based on the children's book series and the popular BAFTA-winning TV show of the same name, Horrible Histories brings history to life on the stage for the younger generation. Perfect for families or as a school trip, the kids will learn plenty about British history - but they certainly won't be bored!  Starring Neal Foster as Rex and Alison Fitzjohn as Queenie.

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